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Feelings vs Emotions

By Katherine Douville

It is my belief that there is some confusion about these two human characteristics. Let me start by saying that these are strictly my observations, as I started to learn how to “feel more” and “think less”.

Feelings are ACTIONS, and Emotions are REACTIONS. Feelings are PHYSICAL, whereas emotions are MENTAL. Please allow me to further explain…

Goose Bumps, Heightened Awareness, Ringing in the Ears, Excitement, Hot, Cold, Energy Rising in the Body, a Presence, Tears of Joy or Sorrow, Comfort, Nausea, Pain, Discomfort, Jumpy, Nervous, Feverish

Anger, Fear, Surprise, Jealousy, Happy, Sad, Conflicted, Respectful, Greedy, Mad, Upset, Depressed, Confused, Appreciative, Frightened

Please notice the words and how the Feelings are purely physical, and the Emotions are states of mind. Emotions may seem very real, but once broken down, they usually come from your own belief systems. They can be about how you view yourself, others and the world. Emotions are conjured by thought and can be “Gremlins”. They are usually more negative in nature, and then we continue to dwell on these misguided beliefs, until they lead us to even another one. We really don’t “feel” the emotions, we “think” them until we bring them alive in our bodies, and then we call them “feelings”. This is why coaching can help to break the negative thought patterns that we have accumulated in our lives. Sometimes we have built in the “Gremlins” to protect us from when were children. We label them emotions and hang on to them as “feelings”, when they are really just MENTAL REACTIONS to circumstances in our lives (past and present).

A feeling is more like intuition, it just happens, and “pops in” to your physical body. If you “feel” joy, you do not “think” about it. You joy your way into joy! You ooze joy and cannot contain it. Your entire body feels “comfortable in its own skin”. Feelings tend to “bubble up” and appear quickly, like goose bumps or sudden tearing in the eyes. Emotions, on the other hand, are thoughts that we keep churning over in our minds. Can you start to recognize the difference?

It is of my opinion, that we, as a society, no longer pay attention to these bodily triggers, signs and sudden feelings. They can be serious and sometimes, subtle, energies that alert us to various conflicts, or often, wonderful opportunities. If you can start to become aware of your body’s own impulsive feelings, please take the time to let them happen and then notice your current circumstances and environment.

For me, if I get a strong case of “goose-bumps” for no reason when I go somewhere or meet someone or read something, I pay extra close attention to the details. There is something deeper there that my body is alerting me to. It could also be ringing in my ears or a sudden temperature change in my body. Sometimes it is because this person, book or place is good for me, or possibly that I should stay away from that person, book or place.

With more awareness, you will start to trust these “feelings” much more than your “emotions”. Get to know your body and start to “feel” what is showing up.

Emotions can be “worked on” with new thought processes. True physical feelings cannot be “worked on”, and are our innate intuition and guidance system!

Thank you for taking the time to ponder these two amazing attributes with me. Both are of great importance and gives us clues as to what is happening in our lives!