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Feelings vs Emotions

By Katherine Douville

It is my belief that there is some confusion about these two human characteristics. Let me start by saying that these are strictly my observations, as I started to learn how to “feel more” and “think less”.

Feelings are ACTIONS, and Emotions are REACTIONS. Feelings are PHYSICAL, whereas emotions are MENTAL. Please allow me to further explain…

Goose Bumps, Heightened Awareness, Ringing in the Ears, Excitement, Hot, Cold, Energy Rising in the Body, a Presence, Tears of Joy or Sorrow, Comfort, Nausea, Pain, Discomfort, Jumpy, Nervous, Feverish

Anger, Fear, Surprise, Jealousy, Happy, Sad, Conflicted, Respectful, Greedy, Mad, Upset, Depressed, Confused, Appreciative, Frightened

Please notice the words and how the Feelings are purely physical, and the Emotions are states of mind. Emotions may seem very real, but once broken down, they usually come from your own belief systems. They can be about how you view yourself, others and the world. Emotions are conjured by thought and can be “Gremlins”. They are usually more negative in nature, and then we continue to dwell on these misguided beliefs, until they lead us to even another one. We really don’t “feel” the emotions, we “think” them until we bring them alive in our bodies, and then we call them “feelings”. This is why coaching can help to break the negative thought patterns that we have accumulated in our lives. Sometimes we have built in the “Gremlins” to protect us from when were children. We label them emotions and hang on to them as “feelings”, when they are really just MENTAL REACTIONS to circumstances in our lives (past and present).

A feeling is more like intuition, it just happens, and “pops in” to your physical body. If you “feel” joy, you do not “think” about it. You joy your way into joy! You ooze joy and cannot contain it. Your entire body feels “comfortable in its own skin”. Feelings tend to “bubble up” and appear quickly, like goose bumps or sudden tearing in the eyes. Emotions, on the other hand, are thoughts that we keep churning over in our minds. Can you start to recognize the difference?

It is of my opinion, that we, as a society, no longer pay attention to these bodily triggers, signs and sudden feelings. They can be serious and sometimes, subtle, energies that alert us to various conflicts, or often, wonderful opportunities. If you can start to become aware of your body’s own impulsive feelings, please take the time to let them happen and then notice your current circumstances and environment.

For me, if I get a strong case of “goose-bumps” for no reason when I go somewhere or meet someone or read something, I pay extra close attention to the details. There is something deeper there that my body is alerting me to. It could also be ringing in my ears or a sudden temperature change in my body. Sometimes it is because this person, book or place is good for me, or possibly that I should stay away from that person, book or place.

With more awareness, you will start to trust these “feelings” much more than your “emotions”. Get to know your body and start to “feel” what is showing up.

Emotions can be “worked on” with new thought processes. True physical feelings cannot be “worked on”, and are our innate intuition and guidance system!

Thank you for taking the time to ponder these two amazing attributes with me. Both are of great importance and gives us clues as to what is happening in our lives!



Energy Healing Comes of Age

A Historic Milestone in Complementary Medicine – by Linda Sechrist

As recently as 2010, it would have been unimaginable for an annual medical conference including allopathic physicians to hold a meeting themed Illuminating the Energy Spectrum. Yet it happened at the sold-out Institute of Functional Medicine 2013 annual international conference. Workshop topics ranged from bodily energy regulation to presentations by Grand Qigong Master Ou, Wen Wei, the originator of Pangu Shengong, and Medical Anthropologist and Psychologist Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., whose Four Winds Light Body School offers a two-year program on the luminous light body, also known as a local energy field, aura, life force, qi/chi or prana.

The energy medicine practiced by acupuncturists and other health practitioners that offer any one of the 60-plus hands-on and hands-off modalities described in The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine, by Linnie Thomas, operates on the belief that changes in the body’s life force can affect health and healing. The therapeutic use of any of them begins with an assessment of the body’s electromagnetic field. Then, a treatment specifically designed to correct energy disturbances helps recreate a healthy balance in its multilayered energy field, comprised of pathways, known as meridians, and energy centers (chakras) that correspond to related nerve centers, endocrine glands, internal organ systems and the circulatory system.

The objective for energy medicine practitioners is to uncover the root causes of imbalances—often from emotional stress or physical trauma-and harmonize them at a bioenergetic level before aberrations completely solidify and manifest as illness.


  • Clinical Support

James Oschman, Ph.D., an academic scientist and international authority in Dover, New Hampshire, has conducted decades of research into the science of bioenergetics—the flow and transformation of energy between living organisms and their environment. He explores the basis of the energetic exchanges that manifest via complementary and alternative therapies in his book, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis.

According to Oschman, there is now enough high-quality research in leading peer-reviewed biomedical journals to provide energy medicine the credence to transform from a little known, alternative healthcare modality into a conventional form of medicine. The progression to more widespread acceptance is similar to that experienced by acupuncture and massage.


  • Evolving Platform

For more than 35 years, pioneers of energy medicine like Barbara Ann Brennan, founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing; John F. Thie, founder of Touch for Health; and Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine, have delved beyond conventional models of healing to confirm that our sensory experience of the world is as limited as our vocabulary to describe it. New language for new concepts is required, such as: nature’s drive for wholeness, resonance, a new band of frequencies, restructuring DNA, local fields and the non-local field, encoding, entrainment, strings, strands, attunement, evolutionary healing and vibration.

Eden, who has had a lifelong ability to make intuitive health assessments later confirmed by medical tests, can look at an individual’s body, see and feel where the energy flow is interrupted, out of balance or not in harmony, and then work to correct the problem.

“Very little of the natural world that human beings evolved in still exists. In addition, our bodies haven’t adapted to modern stressors or the electromagnetic energies associated with technologies that occupy our living and working environments,” says Eden. “Energy medicine is invaluable because anyone can learn how to understand their body as an energy system and how to use techniques to restore energies that have become weak, disturbed or unbalanced.” Her teaching tools include her classic book, Energy Medicine, and Energy Medicine University, which she founded in 2006 in Sausalito, California.

In a 2009 talk at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Oschman predicted that energy medicine will become prominent in anti-aging medicine. “When I review the history of medicine, there are periods in which things stay pretty much the same, and then there are great breakthroughs. I think that with the advent of energy medicine, another milestone is upon us.”


Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Visit for the recorded interviews.




The Power of Portals 
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here to offer our continued support in your personal evolution and the global flowering of consciousness. We would speak once again of portals and remind you as well as invite you to become aware of these energy openings, gateways, doorways and thresholds that are present and available. We know that as we continue speak of portals we stimulate your own understanding and awareness of these energy thresholds.

Portals exist in every form and on every level of awareness. Portals exist in all timeframes and dimensions. Portals can be subtle, obvious, hidden or secret. Let us begin to expand your understanding of the word portal. A portal offers entry into another space, another state of consciousness, another reality or hologram/hologame. Portals can offer vibrational information and personal expansion.

We would like to expand your focus now to include the portals of your planet, Earth.

The fabric and weavings of your planetary energy fields are interlaced with portals. It is with you inner vision and wisdom that you begin to recognize and allow yourself to see, sense or feel these portals. Many of the sacred sites and powerful places in nature offer an energy portal, and those who are sensitive can feel what is being offered.

Just as the physical human form has a network of energy portals/chakras the physical earth also is networked and woven with portals of power, gateways between the dimensions, thresholds between the realms of time and space.

The ancient ones were sensitive to these places and they usually built their temples and sacred altars near or actually upon the entrance or opening. You can scan the history of earth and see the main portals and power places by observing where the ancient churches, buildings, stone circles, pyramids, even villages and whole cities were constructed, over or near these gateways. Labyrinths also offer an entry point, a doorway, which allows passage and travel between the dimensions.

These portals and openings are much like the chakras/portals of the human body, they open and close, they become congested with misuse or distorted in some manner.

It is important to realize that as the consciousness of mankind awakens these earth portals, these earth power gateways can be cared for, cleared, balanced, refreshed, renewed and honored just as the aware human can care for, clear, balance, refresh, renew and honor their own personal power centers.

Even today people travel to hold ceremonies and experience the ancient portals. There are many who travel to these ancient sites unaware of this energy and force. The impact to their personal awakening can be very subtle or it can be extremely profound.

Many times you are attracted to a location because while you are there you feel connected, you are sensing a tenuous and rare portal into another space and dimension. Your physical body is being recalibrated and realigned in a deep and profound way.

There are many galactic portals that are offered to humanity as an opportunity and trigger which can awaken another level of understanding and evolution. There are portals that occur between your planet and the sun which activate your field and stimulate your expanded awareness and unfolding as a multidimensional being. Become aware of these celestial portals and welcome the energy gifts being offered.


The human body has multiple portals; the name you have given these body portals is chakra. The chakra or portals of the body open and close depending on the mental and emotional state of the human. It is through the body portals that energy and information is acquired. They open and close much like camera lenses.

Many books have been written about these portals/chakras. Those who are sensitive, who see and work with energy, are aware of the importance of the portals and of caring for these energy doorways in the human body. It is important for humans to understand how their subtle bodies operate.

These portals are the connections to your galactic heritage. They are the receptors of the frequencies from the planets, the moon and stars. They also receive data from other humans which is unspoken. Each time two humans meet, their portals/chakras share information on a deep subtle level. This happens at all times in all places with everyone.

There is an energy/data/frequency/ exchange taking place with everyone you encounter.

The portals of the body are receivers and senders of energy in its many forms. It is one of the human’s methods of connecting with surroundings and others. It is certainly an important aspect, method and manner of how humans interconnect and how all non-verbal information is shared with other humans as well as animals, plants, stones, stars and all things. Expand your understanding of these personal portals.

As we said there is much that has been written about these power centers of the body, and there is much knowing that you can begin to invite intuitively.

It is wise to learn about these gateways and how you respond to the energy coming in. This is part of the conscious care. It is wise to be sure that your portals/chakras are not fully open when you are going into a large crowd of people that you do not know. What can happen is that you will pick up energy or emotional signatures that are unpleasant.

It is with awareness that you begin to sense and maintain these opening into your energy field. It is with intention that you can clear and clean these portals. It is with intention that you can open and close your body chakras/portals appropriately.

Remember that you are an alchemist, here to consciously transform and uplift any energy/emotion that you encounter. You are a powerful transformer in this process. Remember there is no judgment; there is no pushing against the other’s energy. If you encounter misqualified emotions it is your birthright and your responsibility to transform and uplift them.

These portals; these chakras are often called wheels of life, because they spin. The most important portal/chakra in the human is the heart. It is the heart which manages and maintains the entire physical form. It is the consciousness of the heart, the energy field of the heart that is the link and the connection to the divine and to life itself. The heart is the gateway to all awareness and well-being. The heart is the thinking/feeling/knowing aspect of a multidimensional starhuman.

Your culture, your society; your programming and teachings have not included this important piece of information. It is the mystic, the seer, the sensitive who has recognized that the heart is the doorway to all intelligent knowing.

You can begin the intuitive sensing from your heart’s awareness to check and see which chakras are locked in a closed position from some childhood trauma. Most humans have closed a portal because of imagined pain and hurt. When the portal is locked closed or when it does not open easily energy can not flow freely.

The health of the human heart is and has been one of the mysteries in your medical field. What is not included in the information is the realization that the heart is the cosmic gateway for each individual. This is the seat of your unique self. It is from the open, loving, conscious heart that all things unfold and all mysteries are resolved.

We are inviting you to continue with your dedicated intention to heal your heart portal
for it is through this heart portal that galactic and universal energy is received.

The most important tool in the healing, harmonizing and balancing of your heart portal is to continue to turn your awareness to the vibrations of joy, gratitude and appreciation. It is the power of these vibrations which allows the heart center/heart portal to heal from all the emotional wounds carried. It is your willingness and intent that can heal your heart.

The heart portal was designed to serve as the gateway to the stars. This heart portal allows the energy to flow from divine source and the heart center processes this energy for the expansion of the human being.

Each human being is asked to give service work for the wholeness and healing of the heart center of humanity. It is when human beings live from an open and healed heart portal that they know and feel their connections with each other as the true multidimensional star beings that they are.

We support your understanding of portals and the healing information and activation that is offered. We delight with our heart connection with you. Be at peace, Beloved.  the ‘team’


©2013 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.


Prayer by Auntie Kaleii

I LOVE this prayer and share it as an opening to many events, workshops or ceremonies that I do.  I hope you enjoy it too 🙂


Prayer by Auntie Kaleii

(High Kahuna Priestess of Hawaii)


May the Presence and the Power

The Love and the Joy

The Peace and the Happiness

The Health and the Wholeness

The Success and the Abundance;

All of the Infinite Good

That our Creator is,

Go with Us, before Us, behind Us

Above Us and below Us

Around Us and within Us;

And make smooth, beautiful,

And perfect our way.

May this Prayer fly to the Highest of the Heavens!