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Katherine is a Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner, Licensed through China, from The Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Qigong is 5,000 year old Ancient Chinese Medicine. “Qi” means skill, and “Gong” means “movement”, so Qigong is defined as “the skillful movement of energy”. The Masters figured out that we store certain emotions in specific organs, which can produce illnesses, when not released. For example:

  1. Fear in our Kidneys (adrenaline “fight or flight” mechanism, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
  2. Worry in our Spleen (ulcers, acid reflux, constipation, etc.)
  3. Grief in our Lungs (shallow breath, wheezing, coughing, cancer)
  4. Anger in our Liver (cirrhosis, jaundice, alcohol abuse, etc.)
  5. Sorrow in our hearts (heart attack, irregular heartbeat, murmurs, broken or enlarged heart, etc.)

I have found this information to be extremely accurate (some exceptions are found with genetic or environmental diseases).


Katherine’s FREE Qigong Video Series:

  • Diagnosing

I use my hands, senses and intuition as tools. I perform what my friends call “the open MRI”. I scan your body, mostly without touching (approximately 2 to 6 inches above your body). I will pick up varying sensations, such as: hot, cold, electrical impulses, stickiness, etc. These sensations alert me to issues, discomfort, disease, or past surgeries. I can then start to weave these findings into past life occurrences or current situations and traumas.

  • My Role

The Role of the Oriental Physician is similar to that of a Gardener, following the patterns of change, diagnosing disharmony, and restoring overall balance. Basically speaking, I purge, tonify and regulate energy. This all occurs simultaneously on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Following your session, I will recommend homework, via prescription exercises. They will be specific to certain organs and emotions, and will continue to advance the movement and expansion of energies.

  • Chakra Balancing

Please see the Chakra page to learn more of their nature and functions. There are 7 energy portals in the body that need balancing and light to function optimally. These “wheels” are like intake and out-put valves that each have specific jobs to perform, and then all work together as a team. Some are shut down or too wide open, and some have never communicated with each other. During your session, I will spend a lot of time interpreting the functionality of your chakra system and bring it into harmonious balance. You will feel the immediate result of this healing.

  • What to Expect During a Session

You will lie down on you back for most of the session (the same applies for long distance healing). I ask that you dress comfortably and come with serious intentions of what you would to like to clear (thoughts, habits, blockages, pain, etc.). The energy usually runs up to 40 minutes and I will know when it is complete. We will spend time discussing my diagnosis and treatment. You may experience many odd sensations and feel a little “light headed” when we are finished. I recommend you have no social or rigorous exercise plans for the rest of the day or evening. Relaxing and hot baths will help with the integration of the new energies, which may take a few days, or more, to settle in.


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